Marquee Productions operates exclusively on L.O.V.E. 

These principles represent the core of our intention: Learning. Opportunity. Voice. Effort 

Learning is the main focus of our company. Professional and personal growth is always the focal point of our productions. We believe that focusing our attention on creating a meaningful experience to performers during rehearsal and performance, to have a direct reflection on the quality of our productions. We strive to have a professional and personal impact on the lives of all of our talents. 

Opportunity is the key word to every production of our company. We are interested in talent and talent ONLY! We are blind to gender, sexuality, race or any other "human cultural label". Performers are encouraged to be themselves at all times, in a safe environment, where they can feel comfortable to step out of their "safe zones" and fiercely dare to be vulnerable without judgment. We support equality, we support love and we support TALENT! 


Voice: every artist is unique, and thus brings their own voice into our productions. We believe that performers should actively use their voices for change. We are honored to provide a platform for voices to be heard through art. "Make Them Hear You!" 

Effort comes with passion. We are extremely dedicated to our craft and to the growth of the human spirit. We believe that without effort, there's no real purpose. We want to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, professionally and personally, so we encourage determination, focus and dedication. Put the proper effort into your craft and personal growth and magic will happen all around you. 

Marquee Productions is no ordinary production company and we are proud of it. 

We are committed to quality, but above all else we strive for L.O.V.E.


Rodrigo Marques began his career in the performing arts when he was only 6 years old, when he turned 18, he moved to the UK where he graduated from University of Wolverhampton in 2009 with a BA HONS in Drama & Performance. After England he moved back to Brazil where he continued Directing musicals at Grito Theatre Co., company which he founded in 2005. After 7 years in the leadership of Grito Theatre Co. (4 times Awarded "Best Theatre Company of South Brazil" by the Brazilian Actor's Equity Association - SATED), he decided to move to New York, where he's been based for the past few years. Rodrigo just recently received a "Honors award for Outstanding Achievements in the Performing Arts" by the Brazilian Actor's Equity Association - SATED, in celebration of his 20 years working as a professional actor. A graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Rodrigo has made his debut as a Off-Broadway Director in NYC, at the June Havoc Theatre (Abingdon Theatre Company) with the show "BE OUR GUEST" in March 2014. 

He now has his own production company, "MARQUEE PRODUCTIONS" for all things entertainment in New York City.


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